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Re: I still don't get it.

Well, I agree that SR used too much CGI in the flying, which I hated, but I also agree that the flying (and pretty much all of the special effects in Lois and Clark) sucks. I'm going through season 1 right now (I'm not really a huge fan of the show, but I just had a jones for a superhero TV show--like, with costumes--and I don't own The Flash), and some of the effects are quite ridiculous. Maybe it's just because I'm watching it on a 42 inch plasma screen (I'm not saying that to brag, it isn't mine). I didn't watch Superman Returns on the big TV, though, I watched it on a crappy computer monitor. I didn't really love it the first time, but maybe it's due for a second look.
I disagree with your opinion of the movie, but I will defend to the death your right to watch it!
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