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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

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Wouldn't happen, guy, Clive Owen would wipe the floor with Craig, who is so short he probably couldn't even reach the other guy with a roundhouse.
Craig is 5' 11'

Clive is only 3 and a half inches taller - not that much of a difference
Craig's under 5'10", and that is confirmed by my interview with QOS dp Roberto Schaefer, who had to deal with the lack of height dif of Craig and Olga (probably why Craig had to wear lifts in the desert scenes.)

Owen and Craig both look like they have something of the brawler in them ... dif is Craig looks like the guy you have to pick up off the floor (again, referencing Roberto Schaefer, he looks like a bashed-in Russian boxer) while Owen is the guy who put him there.
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