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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

Excellent - I really, really enjoyed this. A fast-paced, uncompromising sequel to CR with enough quieter and well-placed moments to give the characters the space they need.

I think the Bond, M dynamic is excellent and one of the major reasons this works. I also thought Bond and Camille worked very well together. Camille is an interesting character, I think. I'm curious to see what they'll do with her in the future (I'm assuming she will be back in some form).
I also really like what I've seen of 'Quantum' so far. For the bad guys, they're frighteningly down-to-earth in their approach, which is exactly why you could imagine they might succeed whit what they're doing.
My favorite scene was probably the opera house in Bregenz when Bond calls out and photographs all the bad guys and especially that moment when Bond stands opposite Greene and everything is mute for a few seconds and then the sound of the Opera takes over. I thought that was really, really well staged and shot.
One of the few complaints I have was the building blowing up at the end. It was just that bit too much, I thought. However, I am glad that it actually leads to something on a character level with Camille re-living her childhood experience.

So, having been uncertain as to how this would turn out after reading some reviews I'm happy to say I really, really enjoyed this and am looking forward to re-watching sometime in the future.
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