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Re: 'Star Trek XI' No Reboot Says Abrams

Like I have said in another thread, I will wait a week to two after it opens and read all the spoilers. If I see that it not true what he says and its a reboot. then he is not getting my money. People have to face show very little and hype up the movie so people will go see it..At the end of the day is all about making money. Once you paid, they got you. If the movie is bad...then too bad.. we got your money. That was a studio os about. Damn look at can tell me that was a well written movie or the acting was good. The effects was SUPER SWEEEEET! But the movie sucked soooo bad, but what happen..they trick tons of people to go see it. They got your money and a lot of it..and you know what..Transformers2.

I am with cool effects..I love them, but I a well written movie too..its that too much to ask. That is why I say wait a week or two and if you are ok with spoilers then read them and ask people who did go and pay money about it..If it sould good then go pay and see it...if not then let then hear your voice and not pay them...

Ok my rant is now over.. now is time for bed...
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