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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

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There was about two pages of threads of bickering over Mathis's fate in CR. I found it rather annoying and pointless, and I suggested, not so politely, that, instead of continuing the dispute, all involved parties should read the novel and come to a definitive conclusion on their own. You were not one of said parties.
Well, I did read the novel. Mathis is an ally of Bond in the book and future books that he appeared in (including Never Dream of Dying and Devil May Care).

But since the film (and, really, any film adaptation of a novel) changes some things, the idea the Mathis is an ally is tossed out in favor of seemingly turning him into a villain (a decision that didn't sit well with me when I first saw CR).

In any event, the discussion was about Mathis, the film character. Not Mathis, the novel character. There is a difference and where the question of his loyalties lie arises.
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