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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

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so McClory had EVERY right to SPECTRE and Blofeld.
But I just don't see how. All third party accounts and evidence over the years have suggested Witthingham and McClory's actual contribution was limited and that all the parts in question (SPECTRE and Blofeld, for instance) were part of Fleming's original short story. If it had been dragged out in court, there's little doubt Fleming would have one. He was simply too ill to bother and acquiesced.

Really, it was nothing more than piss-ant of a man trying to take advantage of an unfortunate situation and make a career for himself.. In fact, I'll even put it to the court that had Fleming been younger and of better health, McClory would've just stayed home--or gone back to holding the microphones.

In any case, the issue is really over the Thunderball property itself which, by default, includes SPECTRE. However, one could easily argue Blofeld is not conclusive.

He isn't actually called "Blofeld, nor had he been on film to that date.

All there was was a couple of hands and a cat. Hell, people can't even agree on who provided the voice. So, if EON were to go ahead and make him the King of Quantum, I don't think there'd be anything anyone could say about it. And, it's not as if McClory is going to come back from the afterlife.

If I'm reading the thread backwards, then I don't know there's anything else to respond to.

What kind of answer is that? You acknowledge that you're wrong, but that that is irrelevant? No, it just shows that making dumbass snipes ought to get you your ears thwacked, but hard. So try putting content in your posts instead of just 'tude you can't back up.
I'm totally not with you. For starters, I never said I was wrong. But Never mind that.

There was about two pages of threads of bickering over Mathis's fate in CR. I found it rather annoying and pointless, and I suggested, not so politely, that, instead of continuing the dispute, all involved parties should read the novel and come to a definitive conclusion on their own. You were not one of said parties.

Also, whether or not Mathis lived or died in any subsequent novel had absolutely nothing to do with it.
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