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'Star Trek XI' No Reboot Says Abrams

Star Trek XI is a "re-introduction," not a reboot, says J.J. Abrams.

As reported by, the goal of Abrams was to "re-introduce these characters in a different way." Abrams insisted that "They are the characters from the original 'Star Trek.'" He added that Star Trek XI was "not a complete re-imagining...I figure if you re-imagine something you should just imagine something else."

As Abrams has said in previous interviews, he wanted to reach out to potential new fans. "I think the idea was really to show this movie as an origin story and be as connected to reality as possible," he said, "not just this inside joke that people who have seen the other ten movies will get."

Abrams explained why the trailer was set up the way it was. "I wanted to begin the trailer in a way that was earthbound and fun, relatable and real, and not necessarily 'Star Trek' at all," he said. "Just something that was curious. And hopefully draw people in not because of the spaceship flying across the camera but because there’s this young boy crashing a classic car with a futuristic cop pulling him over. All you have to be is a fan of movies, of action, adventure, comedy, romance, and you'll like this movie."

Like Roddenberry, Abrams thinks that Star Trek is optimistic and hopeful. "I feel like the thing about 'Star Trek,' which is kind of a relief in a way, is that it completely embraces optimism. It is undeniably, just intrinsically, the very root of optimism," said Abrams. "That humans will not only survive but actually thrive and collaborate with other species. The notion of the final frontier in space exploration is so silly and clichéd in so many people's minds, but when you actually stop to consider that 'Star Trek' is, whilst a fantasy, our future."

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