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Re: The Death of Superman: 16 Years Later

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Trent, I am sorry but Superman was never designed as a Christ-figure.
Intentional design is not required. This is the mythic mantle the character has taken on. Unless one feels that wasn't a natural evolution for the character from the potential of his origins, Christ is clearly a progenitor.

And the truth is that these motifs, on an unconscious archetypal level, do extend much further than you are suggestion; limiting Superman to having a single religious/mythic inspiration as you are suggesting is simply a) incorrect and b)unfounded.
Limiting, I'm perfectly willing to accept. Characters that long-lived, particularly in comic books, acquire a multitude of resonances. But incorrect and unfounded? Come on - the Returns trailer couldn't have been more obvious in pointing to the parallel if Bryan Singer had stepped in front of the screen and screamed: "It's a Christian metaphor!"

posted by The Old Mixer
In fact, I thought it was pretty well-known that they deliberately evoked the story of Moses in his origin. The Christ/savior angle was mainly supplied by Donner many years later. The death and rebirth angle was introduced decades after his creation by different writers and says nothing about the intentions/inspirations of his original creators, Siegel and Shuster.
As I said before, I don't see intent as being required to tap into the cultural mythic reservoir that it did. If Superman wasn't a Christ-like character at birth, then the potential was clearly there in the character's construction; you don't see Batman ever becoming an archetype for Christ, do you? Of course, part of the problem here is how over-determining the Christ narrative has become, making it hard to escape either in genesis or in subsequent interpretations: after all, while one commonly hears "Moses prefigures Christ" being bandied about, rarely will you hear "Christ is a Moses-like figure".

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