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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

Getting back to the topic... I have to wonder when we'll find out

Overall, this was very good, although with this being a couple years ahead of the rest of the series, I have to wonder if it'll be ages before the rest of the series catch up to Destiny. I can't say anything other than "holy shit, that ending was somehow formulaic and yet also unexpected". I also thought Ezri making captain Picard-style would turn out badly, but I was pleasantly surprised. Will there be an Aventine series following this at some point?

I'll probably end up rereading these almost as often as I do Millennium.

@Marco when he inevitably sees this: Omnibus edition = free money.

Edit: Why do the spoiler tags work differently here? Every other vbulletin forum I'm on has [spoiler] text [/spoiler]... what's different here?
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