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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

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But...CR had a better opening than DAD. It seems that, within "recent times", each Bond movie has trumped the previous one in terms of opening gross.
No, CR opened a little bit under DAD, which was odd, since inflation pretty much guarantees that the numbers go up each time (unless you get an oddity, like the MGM morons releasing LTK against a flotilla of heavyweights without the slightest domestic PR campaign.)
Huh...well, I'll be damned. I could have sworn I read that was the biggest Bond opening. Maybe the thing I read was about totals. Oh well...
Ultimately CR did outgross DAD, but it's opening weekend was not as big. CR opened second that weekend behind Happy Feet.

Final numbers came out for QoS in the US and Sony over estimated by $3 million. Sunday's gross was down from what they had predicted. Could word of mouth spread that fast?

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