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Re: The Death of Superman: 16 Years Later

I was a seasoned comic reader and regular reader of the Superman titles at the time, so it was very obviously a temporary gimmick to me. But I appreciated that they took the time to explore the ramifications of his death...the sort of thing that had only previously been explored briefly in one- or two-issue stories.

Misfit Toy wrote: View Post
My view is that The Death of Superman was just a lead-in to the REAL story, which was Funeral For a Friend. That story is the one with the emotional impact and excellent character work.
Agreed. FFAF made the gimmicky storylines bookending it worthwhile.

broberfett wrote: View Post
Superman was made by two Jewish guys. I doubt they would have based it on Jesus in anyway.
In fact, I thought it was pretty well-known that they deliberately evoked the story of Moses in his origin. The Christ/savior angle was mainly supplied by Donner many years later.

Trent Roman wrote: View Post
Superman does correspond to a broad heroic archetype, particularly since (to keep this vaguely on topic) he has also undergone death and rebirth, but he is also more specifically an archetype of Christ within that broader category.
The death and rebirth angle was introduced decades after his creation by different writers and says nothing about the intentions/inspirations of his original creators, Siegel and Shuster.

Silvercrest wrote: View Post
As for the marketing gimmick, the best part of that was the fact that they suspended publication for three months in between Death and Return. THAT is something you don't see every day.
Agreed, I always thought that was a nice touch, and pretty daring.

And revealing the Cyborg as a villain was a "surprise" that fell flat. The character claimed to be Superman rebuilt, but they never spent any time explaining how this was supposed to have happened or who did it.
As a regular reader of the Supes titles for the entire post-Byrne period at that point, I correctly guessed a few issues into the arc that the Cyborg was really Hank Henshaw...and I went on record with that at my LCS at the time!

I also guessed that the one with the goggles was the Eradicator in possession of Superman's body...which wasn't exactly how it turned out, but pretty close.

Although I have to admit, the way they re-introduced the real Superman into the storyline was pretty clever.
Do you mean by that the way that, when we first saw the revived Superman at the Fortress, we didn't even notice because we were misdirected to believe that it was the Eradicator version of Superman in a different outfit?

An historical tidbit for those who've only read this in reprint...having the Clintons speaking at Superman's funeral was jumping the gun a bit, as the issue came out during the transition period when Clinton was still President-elect.

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