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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

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The word consequence just didn't exist.
I think Tracy Bond getting shot to death on their honeymoon was a pretty big consequence.

Actually, this proves his original point. Tracy was killed at the very end of OHMSS, so we had about three seconds of a grieving Bond then the credits rolled. The next movie, it was as if Tracy never existed.
Well, the DAF PTS is about him getting revenge, though it isn't specific. What I found interesting in an old issue of BONDAGE is that a writer who was on the DAF set leafed through the script and talked to the director and was told the Bond/2Blofeld scene in mid-film (in the WW apt) was going to include a pointed and specific reference to the death of Tracy. It clearly is not in the film, but you can see Connery registering some emotion toward the end of the scene, almost like a kid going to bed w/o supper, so maybe more was shot and the stuff was snipped.
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