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Re: The Death of Superman: 16 Years Later

I agree completely Silvercrest. I remember thinking that the Cyborg Superman was bad right from the beginning, simply because the Eradicator was too obvious and the other characters had fairly well defined origins. It did surprise me when the Cyborg kneeled before Mongul though.

Trent, I am sorry but Superman was never designed as a Christ-figure. There may be moments of that along the way, but no more so than various other fictional figures. And the truth is that these motifs, on an unconscious archetypal level, do extend much further than you are suggestion; limiting Superman to having a single religious/mythic inspiration as you are suggesting is simply a) incorrect and b)unfounded. (For further reading, look to Joseph Campbell but please don't come back and debate it with me because it has been well over 16 years since I read The Hero with a Thousand Faces.)
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