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Re: The Death of Superman: 16 Years Later

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I may have to check them out sometime, I've never read the story because at that point I was really fed up with comic gimmicks and I never thought this was anything more than a really blatant one.
I knew it was a gimmick at the time I read it. But it took a few years of re-reading for me to realize how much of a gimmick.

Despite the fact that it was VERY obvious he was going to be back, I agree with some other posters that "Funeral for a Friend" was the best part of the saga. It was enormously respectful to the character.

As for the marketing gimmick, the best part of that was the fact that they suspended publication for three months in between Death and Return. THAT is something you don't see every day.

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These were the only post-crisis comics I read up until a couple of years ago. I bought Superman for about a year following the return of Superman (until Luthor destroyed Metropolis) and then felt that they seriously went downhill and became boring, dull, and poorly written again.
Preach it, brother. "The Death Of Clark Kent"? Please. That was the last issue I ever bought.

My biggest problem with the wonder Death, Funeral, and Return of Superman story is that Superman should have disappeared from the scene for at least a half a year longer or so. The other Supermen really needed more time to be developed.
If you look at the timeline, it appears the "Reign of the Supermen" took place over just a few days. There was barely any time to miss the big guy before he was back. And revealing the Cyborg as a villain was a "surprise" that fell flat. The character claimed to be Superman rebuilt, but they never spent any time explaining how this was supposed to have happened or who did it. He was nothing but a cipher. I guess we were supposed to be shocked when he turned coat, it being out of character and all -- but how can it be, for someone with no characterization?

Although I have to admit, the way they re-introduced the real Superman into the storyline was pretty clever.
What do you mean, ironic?
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