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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

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The word consequence just didn't exist.
I think Tracy Bond getting shot to death on their honeymoon was a pretty big consequence.

Actually, this proves his original point. Tracy was killed at the very end of OHMSS, so we had about three seconds of a grieving Bond then the credits rolled. The next movie, it was as if Tracy never existed. And she was utterly forgotten throughout the rest of the series, with the very occasional nod (Roger Moore visiting her grave once, and one reference by Felix Leighter in LTK that Bond was "married once, a long time ago.") There were almost no consequences to Bond having lost his bride in such a brutal and violent way.

Fleming treated it quite different in the novels, with Bond being utterly shattered and unable to work at the beginning of the next book (You Only Live Twice), and M nearly firing him because of his indifference to the job. He kills Blofeld to avenge Tracy's death, but the novel ends with him living with Kissy Suzuki as an amnesiac who has completely forgotten his life - Fleming's hint that he has completely buried his memories so he can live without the devastating memory of Tracy's assassination.

The consequences in the novel were extremely significant, but almost nonexistant in the film series. The death of Vesper in the film version of CR and its impact on the QoS movie is much closer to how Fleming treated Tracy's death in the OHMSS and YOLT novels.
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