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Re: Star Trek: Destiny: Lost Souls - Discuss/Grade

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Lost Girls should be available in the UK now. The copyright on Wendy Darling has finally expired there.
Could someone please explain!
Alan Moore's graphic novel Lost Girls stars Peter Pan's Wendy Darling, The Wizard of Oz's Dorothy, and Alice in Wonderland's Alice, and it delves into the sexuality of all three characters. In some areas, the book is unable to be sold due to child pornography concerns. In Britain, Wendy Darling's copyright was held by Great Ormand Street Hospital, and they held up publication of the book there until the beginning of 2008 when Wendy finally became public domain in the UK.
That actually rings a bell as I'm sure my ex told me about it! I havn't seen it on any shelves though, so not sure if it's been released or not over here.
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