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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

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A question to pose:

My friends have been clamoring for a B5 marathon, as we havne' thad one in quite awhile. My idea is to show a couple of "hidden gems", epiodes that aren't usually named on people's "best episode lists" but are still well regarded. Got any suggestions?
The Geometry of Shadows & A Day in the Strife

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There is a second part. I thought it might be fun to print off a couple of copies of a script fromteh jms scriptbooks and have folks read through an episode while we watch it. Which do you think might be a good choice for that?
Depends what you are going for I suppose. The episodes follow the scripts pretty closely. A lot of the scripts have extra scenes that were cut for time. Maybe "Severed Dreams" would be interesting since the script in the book still has the character of General Hague in it. "War Without End" was reorganized quite a bit from the script once John Schuck was not available for the episode.
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