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Re: The Death of Superman: 16 Years Later

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Well, both stories share a number of mythic elements that also appear in hundreds of other hero tales around the world, many of which were invented before the time of Christ or by peoples who would have had no knowledge of it.
Yes, but whereas it seems likely that two people in 1932 America/Canada could be influenced by the most popular story of the last two millenia, it's rather less likely they were inspired by the cult of Osiris or Mithraism, or else came up, wholly independantly, with a character that so closely cleaves to one of the most pervasive mythical stories of their time. Superman does correspond to a broad heroic archetype, particularly since (to keep this vaguely on topic) he has also undergone death and rebirth, but he is also more specifically an archetype of Christ within that broader category.

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