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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

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Then, what was up with Mathis giving away the secret to Le Chiffre a warning that James Bond knew of his "poker tell" thus prompting Le Chiffre to signal a "false tell" towards Bond almost costing MI6 the game?
Again, it was Vesper.

Good Will Riker wrote: View Post
Also, what was that stuff that Mathis poured into Bond's water cup in Casino Royale if it wasn't poison?
Probably some medicine. It was a little bit of mis-direction on the film makers part, to make you think it was Mathis and not Vesper.

Good Will Riker wrote: View Post
However Mathis was presented in Quantum of Solace, it is clear by all on screen evidence that he was clearly a villain in Casino Royale.
No, it was Vesper. Le Chiffre and Vesper were framing Mathis.

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