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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

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Mathis was a turncoat villain in the film adaptation of Casino Royale,
No, he wasn't...

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Mathis was never bad in CR. It was Vesper all along.

Then, what was up with Mathis giving away the secret to Le Chiffre a warning that James Bond knew of his "poker tell" thus prompting Le Chiffre to signal a "false tell" towards Bond almost costing MI6 the game?

Also, what was that stuff that Mathis poured into Bond's water cup in Casino Royale if it wasn't poison?

However Mathis was presented in Quantum of Solace, it is clear by all on screen evidence that he was clearly a villain in Casino Royale.

As far as the character of Mathis is concerned, it sounds awful like a ret-con to me by the writers in Quantum of Solace.
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