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Re: Reap the Whirlwind (and Vanguard series)

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What's really funny is that I've never been especially fond of the TOS "TV Series" era as it just has a certain something that is off putting to me, and yet Vanguard has managed to reverse that opinion almost completely.

It's probably my favorite Trek Lit series next to 'IKS Gorkon/Klingon Empire' & 'SCE/Corps of Engineers'.

I'm in much the same boat. I really, really dislike TOS, but Vanguard is by far my favorite book series. In fact when Vanguard was announced I had no intention of reading it. The reason I did was due mostly to the negative reviews I had heard of it. The reasons sited as reasons some didn't like it were things I knew I usually do like in fiction, so I thought "Wow, it has all of that in it? I need to get these." And I was not let down at all.
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