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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

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One last question: Why did everyone call "M" mom?
I think you'll find they were calling her ma'am!

I guessed Mitchell from the trailer alone. Mr. White saying 'we have people everywhere' was just so obvious!

I would agree that Greene's plan perhaps wasn't explained well enough, but people need to realise that in a few decades water will be worth more than oil to an awful lot of people. My assumption was that Quantum were going to 'discover' a huge cache of water and sell it to the beleaguered Bolivians (or whoever). Personally I liked it, Green had a more traditional film baddie plan than, say, Le Chiffre.

I am slightly worried. It took me three viewings to really like Casino Royale, I wonder if by three viewings of QoS I'll hate it??

And why do people keep going on about a trilogy? For me CR and QOS bookend the story of Bond's birth (and the gun barrel at the end reiterates this)

I expect Bond 22 to be a stand alone story, it might feature Quantum, but it won't follow on directly.
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