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Re: Reap the Whirlwind (and Vanguard series)

It amazing how this series just keeps delivering left and right.

What's really funny is that I've never been especially fond of the TOS "TV Series" era as it just has a certain something that is off putting to me, and yet Vanguard has managed to reverse that opinion almost completely.

It's probably my favorite Trek Lit series next to 'IKS Gorkon/Klingon Empire' & 'SCE/Corps of Engineers'.

I'm really hoping for new entries in the last two series sometime in the next 5 years...

But back on topic.

Keep up the good work guys, it's appreciated.

I'm eager to see developments with the Tholians in the Taurus Reach and find out what the Ambassador was talking about in 'Destiny: Mere Mortals'
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