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Re: New 'Star Trek XI' Trailer Debuts

Well, I haven't decided yet whether or not I'm going to see the new Bond flic. I wasn't all that thrilled with Casino Royale, probably because I think it's laughable that they chose Daniel Craig, who looks older and older every time I see him, to play a young James Bond. But, Quantum does look to be a decent movie so I may give it a shot. Dunno.

At any rate, the fact that they paired this trailer up with it certainly wasn't a selling point.

But, I figured that, as somebody who's been a Trek fan since the days of the original series, I owed it to the franchise to at least see the trailer before I made any final decisions on whether or not to see it.

I said some time ago that, given Abrams wish to turn this movie into Star Wars, that it would be only a matter of time before we heard about a pre-pubescent Kirk having pod races through the cornfields of Iowa.

I guess I was a little off. Instead, we get a pre-pubescent Kirk, already quite the rebel, stealing a couple hundred year old corvette (wonder what it drove on as there's no way in heck that fossil fuels will be around when Kirk is a child) and racing it off a cliff while trying to outrun a cop.

Amazing little kid. Shifting gears like Mario Andretti, a skill that had no doubt been rendered useless about 300 years earlier. Proudly announcing himself as James Tiberius Kirk. Hmmm, not sure when Kirk because so proud of his middle name, but ok.

We see Spock's youth. Not enough there to have any real opinion either way, I guess.

We get lots of little snippets, no doubt intended to remind us that every penny of that $150m was well spent.

Then, we see the scenes that pretty much kill it for me.

We see an excange between Spock and a somewhat battered Kirk. Kirk asks Spock if he's afraid. Spock tells him he won't be lectured. Kirk challenges him and we see snippets of a fight.

Ummmm... no. Sorry, but, with the exception of when Spock was going through Pon'Far, can somebody tell me when Spock EVER talked to one of his superiors like that? When Spock ever talked to ANYBODY like that?

Even when Spock was being insubordinate, he did it in a calm, rational way. Heck, even the mirror universe Spock was totally reserved.

I realize that scenes for trailers are always taken out of context, so there's likely more to what caused that then what we saw. But, having watched these characters for 40 years, can anybody really tell me that they can forsee a situation where Spock would respond to any Starfleet officer as he did there?

Then we see Chekov. I realize that he was always borderline dorky. But, my God, that was almost to Parody level.

The tech stuff, like the transporter beam being different and the nacells being totally wrong... that was about what I expected.

I'm not entirely sure how they're going to go through the entire movie without anybody actually meeting Nero face to face, since it's been well established that they'd never actually seen a Romulan before the events i Balance of Terror.

All in all, this movie does look visually stunning. But, as I said before, for $150m and a B level cast, it had better.

Will that alone be enough to convince a public that hates all things Trek to give up their cash when there are likely to be better sci-fi choices to be had? I still doubt it.

But, from what I've seen from this trailer, this movie is a little too much Star Wars, and not enough Star Trek.
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