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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

Lots of stuff has been said, but in short, I graded it Average (although, I would place it between Above Average and Average).

The biggest weakness was that they had a very weak villain where his scheme is not fully explained, particularly why they want to screw Bolivia out of water. I get the implication, but a Bond movie should be where you have to sit there and think what the villain was up to after the movie. Stuff like that can be good in other movies, but not a Bond flick, imo.

The action scenes were terribly edited, particularly towards the beginning. The Pre-Titles sequence was lousy and very sub-par for a Bond movie. I was expecting some kind of quip or smart ass comment from Bond when he opened the trunk (like "How was your ride?" or some other jerk comment). But, no. Just a "Get out of the trunk." Personally, I think the chase with the MI6 traitor would have been a stronger PTS.

So...who else knew that Mitchel was a baddie? With everyone warmly saying hi to a character by name that we have never seen before just seemed to mark him.

The Title sequence was interestingly retro. It had a 70s flair. I wonder if that was intentional as CR's titles had a 60's feel to it. The song seemed to work with it.

That said, there was a lot of good. I am happy they revealed Mathis to be a good guy after all. That was one of my irritations with CR that made Mathis into a villain, when in the novels he was one of Bond's closest allies. Although, he didn't bring anything to the story other than to die. Honestly, what did he do that Bond absolutely needed him for? The money to get to Bolivia or wherever? If Bond was resourceful enough to get to where Mathis was, he could get to wherever else he needed to go.

One last question: Why did everyone call "M" mom? I thought that was just a throwaway jab by Bond in the previous film. Is that wasn't M is now suppose to stand for?

Also...what happened to Villers? (Not that that's a big loss; just curious)

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Barbara Broccoli says that Camille could come back.

When asked if new Bond girl Olga Kurylenko could return, Barbara confirmed there was a strong possibility.

She told Heart: I think shes a spectacular actress and shes done an amazing job in this movie. She blew us away.

We would certainly love to have her back. If its not in the next movie, then certainly in the future.
They said the same about Michelle Yeoh from Tomorrow Never Dies (Olga Kurylenko's personal favorite Bond girl) , and look what happened.
The same was also said of Jinx. She was going to get a spin-off movie too. Remember how awesome that was? Oh, wait...

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Casino Royale didn't open as well as Die Another Day because DAD isn't a good film and people really didn't respond to it.
But...CR had a better opening than DAD. It seems that, within "recent times", each Bond movie has trumped the previous one in terms of opening gross.
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