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Re: Smallville 8x09 "Abyss" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

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Someone indirectly brought up and excellent point. You KNOW Chloe has backup files and top secret Clark info stored, probably in a number of places.

Tick ... tock ...

And where's Shelby? Hey! There's your spinoff!

Coming next Fall to the CW!

Pupsville! The story of Superpup's development from simple mild-mannered farm dog to the defender of all dogmanity!

BTW, did you ever see The Adventures of Superpup ? It what the producers of The Adventures of Superman tried to substitute after George Reeves died. It was practically the same script, but all the short actors had on these horrible dog heads, and the characters' names were puns, using dog names and terms. I think it's on one of the AOS DVD sets.

Just howlariously bad!

Heard of it? I've SEEN it! (Well, all of it I could stand.)
Out of hope.
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