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Re: Smallville 8x09 "Abyss" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

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Um. This is the last season.

We're half way through the last season.

So why erase Chloe's memory and possibly Lex's, an maybe Lana's again if she blips on his radar if we are almost with in range of there being no need for it being easier for them to tell stories because there will be no more movies to tell...

Surely this is when they don't have to worry about confusing and losing a thick audience who can't handle COMPLICATED shows like Smallville...

Unless they think they're going to get some movies just because Star Trek did, or this isn't the last season? I mean certainly i had thought it was the last seaosn fo rthe last three years now. it's like you're running a marathon barefoot over broken glass and the administrator adds some surprise laps when ou thought you could see the finish line.

At best, it's to get Clark figuring out his own solutions instead of running to Chloe every episode. Trouble is, that really takes away Chloe's reason for being on the show.

If they are smart, have her figure out his secret again, save his life and the lives of thousands, and teach Clark to stop messing with other people's destinies.
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