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I can never hear the name Bob Sallin without cringing.

The first time I ever heard that name was on the TWOK Merv griffin epidode from May 1982.

First Shatner came out and they showed a clip and talked then Nimoy---the same, and finally out came Dee Keley. He was nervous as hell and was basically retired and not used to the spotlight---other than conventions i guess and somehow Bob sallin's name came up and Kelley pointed to him in the audience (where i suppose he was overseeing the proceedings) and Kelley blurted out, "Bob Sallin--handsome."

WTF?? There was an awkward silnce and then kelley pointed out how nervous he was and Nimoy said something like, "you're doing fine."

Worst part when the camera cut over to Sallin--he wasn't handsome.
Kindof old and bald.
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