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Re: Viddy this! -Oh my friends… (cool/funny short videos thread)

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The original German satire version is better, but I suppose this will have to suffice.
Adolf: Ich hock in meinem Bonker
I think I might have posted that somewhere.
My coffee-pusher wasn't able to stop laughing one day, and when he showed me the video he had just been watching I kinda understood why…


The Danish public broadcasting corporation (DR) is currently putting finishing touches on their all new Concert house: The Meteor -so called because it is shaped like a meteor suspended inside a box.

Go to this page and scroll all the way down, click the link marked [Klik og se filmen] to watch the tv ad - it's a softspoken low-key thing entitled The Concert House has landed.

Oh, btw: could perhaps someone here tell me what that piece of music used in the ad is?


Oh, and take a look at this little horror show:

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