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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Teaser Officially Released

Thanks for that into, I didn't know there was an actual score. Still, if that's part of the score, I don't like it.

It's not part of the Star Trek movie score, it's just being used for the trailer. Lots of movies do that these days.

They didn't use the theme except for 5 seconds at the very end.
A very clever thing to do. That theme is recognizable to almost everyone, even people who dislike Star Trek. The goal of this movie is to attempt to introduce Star Trek to a new audience, while balancing the existing audience. We're going to know what this Trailer is as soon as we hear James Tiberius Kirk, but the average movie viewer isn't going to catch it that quickly. This way, the film makers gave themselves more time to hook the viewer and at the very end...we, the fans, get our nod with a very subtle hint of the theme. If they threw the theme in at the beginning, instant turn off for the average movie watcher...they would just go..."oh, it's STAR TRACK"...and tune out the rest of the trailer. lol

I think we have to be mindful that this is just a trailer to 'reach the wide audience' but that the movie itself will honor what Trek is.

Good point. You have rebutted each of my concerns with a legitimate point. However, it still feels too much for me. For goodness sake, I am only 32...but I felt the same thing when Transformers came out. It's a true childhood icon for me (TNG, not really TOS, but a little there too), and trying to enjoy this (the same with Transformers) takes me out of my comfort zone. It's not as enjoyable when you have to work at watching it, trying to say to yourself, "This isn't designed for me, it's made for 14 yr old kids." For me it's hard to see everything on the screen...hard to appreciate the music at the same time as the action...hard to follow the action from one view to another view with fast cuts...and in something I really want to enjoy, such as Star Trek, it seems even more disappointing then if it was just an original movie I have no vested interest in and I know whatever I get out of it is a plus.
I'm 33...hehe. I've had my reservations, but I just had to put everything I knew aside and say...'this is different...and this is change". Change is inevible, and it can be good if we allow it to. I honestly don't think this movie is aimed at 14 year old kids, it's aimed at the general public. One of the writers, Bob Orci, posts over at and speaks to us all the time. He is very honest, and I believe they put their heart and soul into this film. It will be different, but I think it will still be Star Trek.

On that note though...I really disliked a lot of Transformers, but that was mostly due to Michael Bay and his ability to water a film down to it's dumbest form. I don't think JJ will do that. He did great character work in Mission Impossible 3, and his TV shows are very well written character pieces.

Don't let the trailer fool you, I think there will be substance here.
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