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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Teaser Officially Released

This trailer isn't made to appeal to us old fuddy duddys, it's trying to introduce Star Trek to a wider audience. Don't judge it on a fast clipped's just trying to hook people in.
You're right and I realize that, but it's still disappointing...

Techno beat? lol You're joking right? That's a fully orchestrated score. It's from Children of Dune and different selections from Children of Dune have been used in many recent trailers.
Thanks for that into, I didn't know there was an actual score. Still, if that's part of the score, I don't like it. They didn't use the theme except for 5 seconds at the very end.

Open your mind. That's what Star Trek is about.
Good point. You have rebutted each of my concerns with a legitimate point. However, it still feels too much for me. For goodness sake, I am only 32...but I felt the same thing when Transformers came out. It's a true childhood icon for me (TNG, not really TOS, but a little there too), and trying to enjoy this (the same with Transformers) takes me out of my comfort zone. It's not as enjoyable when you have to work at watching it, trying to say to yourself, "This isn't designed for me, it's made for 14 yr old kids." For me it's hard to see everything on the screen...hard to appreciate the music at the same time as the action...hard to follow the action from one view to another view with fast cuts...and in something I really want to enjoy, such as Star Trek, it seems even more disappointing then if it was just an original movie I have no vested interest in and I know whatever I get out of it is a plus.
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