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Re: 'Star Trek XI' Teaser Officially Released

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Why is there a Corvette?
There are such things as antiques.

What's with the stupid dialogue/fighting between Kirk and Spock?
They fought in several episodes. We don't know what context this is in.

Those painted landscape screens are terrible.
You're opinion. I think they look fine.

Why is it so fast paced?
It's an action/adventure trailer.

Why is the camera sideways?
You're joking right?

What's with the MTV cutaways?
This trailer isn't made to appeal to us old fuddy duddys, it's trying to introduce Star Trek to a wider audience. Don't judge it on a fast clipped's just trying to hook people in.

What's with the thumping techno beat?
Techno beat? lol You're joking right? That's a fully orchestrated score. It's from Children of Dune and different selections from Children of Dune have been used in many recent trailers.

If that's supposed to be Kirk narrating, why does it sound like he smokes 3 packs a day?
There are TWO different narrators. PIKE and SAREK!

This may be great for the kids, but it does nothing for me. It's a shameful rape of the Star Trek franchise.
You haven't seen the film yet. The trailer shows great promise. The movie isn't going to move along at quite that clip.

If Leonard Nimoy agreed to be in it, then I have faith it's going to be quite amazing.

Open your mind. That's what Star Trek is about.
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