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Re: True Blood 1x11 "To Love is to Bury" Spoilers

Oh my, lots of stuff going on here. Tara's "missing" only to be found and supposedly helped by MaryAnne. This will not go well, considering what MaryAnne is.

Bill's made a new vamp, and she is a wild child. She is what Amy would have been if she'd been turned. But Amy can't be turned now, she's dead. Dead, in Jason's bed. With Jason right next to her.

Sam and Sookie kiss and suddenly Bill goes postal, and his invite into Sookie's house gets rescinded. Of course that means if she's in trouble in the house, he can't help her.

Sookie's getting visions now? wtf? This is completely out of nowhere, and contradicts the earlier outburst "I'm not a psychic!" ... Now the audience might know who the killer is, but they've been pointing at others this whole time, including Jason and Sam, who are both innocent (if a lot stupid, in Jason's case). We'll see what happens next week.

One episode to go.
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