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Re: The Death of Superman: 16 Years Later

I rather enjoy popping in the fully-dramatized audio version now and again, despite the massive abridgments necessary for time. Some generally very good performances and the sound mix is excellent. It's a significantly better dramatization than Kingdom Come and Knightfall were, IMO.

And now it comes full circle as Doomsday is about to make his first attack in a live-action format on Smallville...and based on the previews, they got the look down fairly good considering how tough it would appear to be.

BTW, the Byrne re-launch troubled me MUCH more than the death of the character did. Dunno why...guess they made it seem as though the post-Crisis changes would be more sweeping than they really turned out to be, relatively speaking. And by the time of Superman 75, I'd chilled on the whole thing a bit.

Though I have to say I totally hated the Electric Supermen. While the old "Superman Red/Superman Blue" stories had a certain appeal to them (in that goofy Silver-age way), it turned into way too much angst and drama the second time around. Bleah.
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