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Re: The Death of Superman: 16 Years Later

This really brings back memories for me. The "Death of Superman" arc was really the only time I have ever followed comic books. I was in junior high, and my best friend was a big fan of Superman and his comic books. He even did one of his speeches for class about how Superman was a better hero than Batman-- a decidedly unpopular stance among comic-book fans our age!

He would bring new issues of the comics to school, and we'd read them at lunch and wonder what was going to happen. I liked the way the story unfolded gradually, with Doomsday's appearance gradually changing throughout the course of the battle as the suit he had been bound in was gradually destroyed.

The storyline featured a dizzying array of characters which I could not hope to keep track of. My friend explained something about who the young Lex Luthor was and how this Supergirl was not a female version of Superman but a shapeshifter with completely unrelated powers. I couldn't keep track of it all, but it was still an interesting story. I found it bizarre to learn that there was a "comic book" version of heaven and hell from which Pa Kent would have to retrieve Superman's soul.

It got really fun when the four guys all claiming to be Superman showed up, and my friends and I tried to decide which one was the real one. We ended up settling on Cyborg Superman since he was the coolest, and he did get rid of Doomsday, after all.
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