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Re: The Death of Superman: 16 Years Later

Of course I remember that story. I had collected all the Superman books for many years and have the entire run from when Byrne revamped him until around the time Superman II: Electric Boogaloo came out. Which at that time only combined with the general distaste comics were giving me then, what with Onslaught/Heroes Reborn, Spidey-Clone, the Parallaxed Hal Jordan, and then electric Superman I decided enough was enough and stopped collecting. I still follow what is going on in comics nowadays, but my days of collecting them are still over.

I too enjoyed the Death story. You knew it was coming. You could see that Doomsday was only powered by the mighty Plot Device. Yet still it came off as a powerful death.

Only, until this very day, I still assert Superman never actually died. Deep coma? Yes. Dead? No. Why do I say this? When STAR Labs was studying Superman's "corpse" they noted that all his wounds closed after he had "died". The dead do not heal. All they really would have had to do is leave his body out in the sunlight and he would have eventually gotten up all on his own. Too bad they had just gotten rid of the Will Payton Starman, as he could have healed and repowered Superman all on his own power.
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