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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

Just saw it. Loved it. No, not as good as the absolutely magnificant Casino Royale, but that movie IMO is probably among the very best in the entire franchise (I put it at No. 2, behind Goldfinger.) Better than all the Brosnan and Moore flicks, and better than several of the Connery films (Diamonds are Forever, etc).

Craig once again is the only actor to really capture Ian Fleming's James Bond. It had no wisecracks, no quips, no hammy comedy, no sci-fi gadgets (for the most part), no invisible cars, no comic relief from Q branch. None of which was missed, IMO.

What I love about the Craig films is that they take themselves seriously - something very few Bond films, even the great ones, ever did.

And it's nice to read that the movie had the biggest box office opening in the history of the franchise - throws a little water on some of the earlier comments that predicted this would flop.
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