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Re: Need advice in buying a new TV...

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So what kind of target price should I look for after Thanksgiving?

Here is a quote from editors of Dealnews, they track sales and prices year round --
We spent a lot of time comparing current price trends on TVs this year with the trends that led up to Black Friday of last year. Our conclusion is, if you've been waiting to upgrade your TV, this holiday season is the time to do it. With the switch to digital broadcasting looming, retailers will be pulling out all of the stops for your HDTV dough. If you're on a budget, consider a plasma display instead of an LCD display inch for inch, they tend to be cheaper. In fact, we predict a 42" 720p plasma HDTV for as little as $499. A $699 50" plasma HDTV is also quite likely, although we're not expecting huge discounts on larger plasma screens.

LCD prices will remain higher than plasma, but they'll still dip considerably, with generic 42" 720p LCD HDTVs going for $599. Additionally, look for name-brand 46" or 47" 1080p LCD HDTVs to hit $799, and larger 52" 1080p HDTVs to drop to $1,199.

Before you buy a TV on Black Friday, consider this: Last year, the best time to buy a good TV wasn't on Black Friday. It was three weeks before Christmas. At that time, Fry's and Amazon went to war on high-end LCD HDTVs (most notably Samsung 1080p 120Hz LCD TVs from 40" and up), slashing prices again and again. You know it's a big deal when dealnews' own cheapskate editors bring out their wallets and start buying TVs. The general rule is, Black Friday is the best time of the year to buy no-name TVs. December is the best time to buy high-end TVs.

Summary: Black Friday Predictions for LCD & Plasma TVs

42" 720p plasma HDTV for $499
50" 720p plasma HDTV for $699
42" 720p LCD HDTVs for $599
46" or 47" brand-name 1080p LCD HDTVs for $799
52" 1080p HDTVs for $1,199
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