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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

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Also, it's a bit more meta, but Greene's M.O. was broadly similar to Goldfinger's scheme. Get a bunch of a resource, and then boost demand for it through villainy.
If you compare Quantum of Solace with Goldfinger side-by-side, it would appear as though the overall quality of EON produced 007 films have taken a huge nosedive in the last 44 years.

How can a billion-dollar franchise and a well-oiled machine produce...

It is inexcusable.

Which is why I give this film a grade of "F" for the script and the lackluster direction.

Marc Forster is a good director when it comes to dramas, but considering how close he shot all of the action sequences and the way he failed to connect the audience emotionally to the surroundings, the atmosphere, and the events surrounding the characters in this plot driven film with barely a plot...words escape me.

This is just dreadful, and would be utterly forgettable if not for the fact that it is an official canon film in the EON produced 007 franchise.
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