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Re: Reactions To The New USS Enterprise

As I posted elsewhere on this board -

Yes, I was slightly disappointed in the initial viewing of the design, what with the elements of the Refit and what to me are odd-looking nacelles and pylons and the proportions of the engineering hull. In a question of pure mechanics, yes, I was puzzled by what appeared to be an incorrect placement of the nacelles so that the Bussard collectors didn't see open space, but that turned out to be an illusion, and I did get to see an ortho view of a port side elevation that confirmed it. Yes, I used a colorful metaphor related to elephants and committees, in the sense that the major assemblies did not look like they all came from the same "foundry," so to speak.

All that said, however, I do think that the new Enterprise design fits the rest of what appears in the trailer, so for me, it's the entire aesthetic that is skewed. Will it all work as a film? Probably. Does it feel like it fits with the rest of the 40-some years of the franchise? No, but that's just my opinion. Will I see the movie? Sure. Will I debate design points? Sure again; it's good to study and critique and exchange ideas but without trampling on the people who created the designs in a personal way. I'm sure Ryan Church and the other designers are okay folks; I just don't respond as positively to their concepts the way some others have, or feel that Star Trek needs to be radically updated or made more hip and cool for another new generation of filmgoers. Anyhow, May 09 will come soon enough, and we'll all have fun going to the flicks.

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