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Re: Netflix - shipping my DVD from across the country?

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I live in Baltimore, MD, and have had Netflix for over a year now. I can't recall a single movie before now shipping from anywhere besides their Gaithersburg, MD processing facility, which always resulted in a 1-day there, 1-day back turn around time.
Sometimes they ship from Easton as well.

This week I get an email saying that the Bender's Game DVD was not available at my local facility, and is shipping from Santa Ana, CA. Huh? This means I won't get it until Monday, when it would have been here yesterday if it had shipped locally. Has anyone else had this issue lately? It happened a couple weeks ago with another movie, but that one shipped from TN, so there was only an extra day.
Not recently, but I have had some shipped from other states as well, maybe a half-dozen since 2005. It's generally happened when I had a movie that was wait-listed for a while already. Basically they don't want you to wait too long, so they move you up to "next available". It might take another day or two, but I'd rather have that then wait a couple weeks...

Of course, I just put Bender's Big Game on my queue and it's not wait listed, so I don't know.
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