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Re: Smallville 8x09 "Abyss" - Discuss/Grade <SPOILERS>

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^ Sorry you didn't like it, but you did bring up a point that I was interested in.

What happens to Watchtower?
The first 35 minutes (not counting ads) were fabulous.

If this wasn't Smallville, considering what happened in JLA Crisis of Conscience (Retroacitely it came to light that the JLA had been realitivly in the late 70s brain washing Super villains to be less dangerous and forget silly things like the leagues secret identities, and even so far as with Catwoman that she went from being Supervillainess to Batman's girlfriend back in the early 80s back when Alan Davis had been drawing Detective... However when batman walked in on Zatana mind wiping Doctor Light after he had been caught but not stopped raping Elongated Man's wife Sue Dibney, the Batman objected to the League being all "above the law", so they went into his mind and changed it. ), I would think that Ollie would be on the warpath. I mean what's to stop Clark from erasing his secret from the rest of the leagues minds? What could stop him if he thought it was in their best interest to have his secrets cut out of thier minds? I mean it's not like Clark is a god?

Ollie needs to set up some contingencies to take Clark out.

Extending the Betty and Veronica metaphor for Chole and Lana... Just because he looks the part... Jimmy should be Archie, but is Clark "Reggie" or "Jughead"?

Why didn't Brainiac take over the installation crystal last week when the Jor-El personality was completely dormant? The only reason to wipe her mind is so that she can go insane with rage and kick the shit of Clark when she finds out.

The little kids playing Clark and Chloe were amazingly delightful, although the the writer had obviously fallen asleep the the night before watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind... This show would have been incredible if they'd begun in the beginning using kids that age, and I demand a prequel using these same kids they did use yesterday.

The connection between Brainiac and Doomsday is tenuous, especially considering the mock time travel it's a wonderful life episode last year where brainiac was happy to just settle for man to nuke itself back into the stone age...

Why is Earth so important?

You know it shouldn't be.
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