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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

I don't think the main villian was built up enough, I didn't really care for his plan and we should of learned more about Quantum, like the ending refering to another name like SPECTRE or some hint of more to come, we know nothing of what Bond got from his time alone with Vesper's ex lover. The film needed 5 minutes more at the end to explain better though I get it now with what Vesper's B/F does and that is seduce high ranking people in certian governments and then use that with a fake kidnapping plot to get what they want.
The Vesper element was almost totally ignored. Bond wanted revenge for her death but he barely looked like he cared the entire film. When he finally catches up with the ex-lover, we don't even see what happens. So that storyline, which was supposed to be the driving force of this movie, was pointless. Just like the film.
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