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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

I just got back from it and I was very disappointed. Two years after the excellent Casino Royale and this was the best they could do? Talk about setting the bar low and failing to exceed it.

It felt like they just dropped you into the action and explained very little. The theme was Bond wanting to get revenge over what happened to Vesper except, as Roger Friedman pointed out on Fox, Bond never thinks of her. She's barely discussed throughout the film. Craig plays that storyline so detached that you wonder why Bond wants to go after these guys. That's kind of the problem with the story. Just what was the point of all this? The motivations are flimsy and the mission feels pointless. The action is great but they need to tone down the rapid-fire editing of the fight scenes. It reminded me of the fight scenes in Batman Begins where you couldn't see any of the fighting. And hey, let's blame the Americans too while we're at it!

I appreciate the more serious tone of the films and Craig's performance but Christ, it felt like going to a funeral. TPTB has managed to suck out all the joy. Future films could benefit from being a little less grimer. Casino Royale felt like Bond, albeit with a new attitude, but Quantum of Solace felt like just another film and Bond's got to be better than that.

The good? Other than the action and great, great scenary, all the performances are very good. Craig is still an excellent Bond although despite being the main character, I thought he was wasted here. Judi Dench is excellent as M and plays off of Daniel Craig very, very well. I liked that Olga chick very much, thought she and "Strawberry Fields" were good Bond girls. Very nice to see Felix Leiter back but he was completely wasted here. I thought they were going to utilize him more for this film. The guy who played the villain (don't know many of the actors names) did well considering that he was given very little. Bond's got an organization to go after and that's very cool.

Here's hoping TPTB get their act together and deliver an enjoyable Bond film the next time around. They've got a lot of good elements in place but they have to aim higher.
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