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Re: Netflix - shipping my DVD from across the country?

Netflix is now essential for me, as it has old movies and TV sets. The only stores that even have TV sets are thirty miles away. And old movies are like finding old books in public libraries, which means only when they are being sold in mass quantities dirt cheap.

As far as turnaround here in WV goes, if they ship from Charleston, it's pretty fast. I mail, they get it next day, they mail, then I get it next day. It can be as short as two days, unless a weekend is in the middle.

But either the Charleston office is the smallest in the Netflix organization, or I have minority tastes, because most I order come from somewhere else. Turnaround time usually runs five to seven days total. If it wasn't for the variety available (and no charge when I'm short on viewing time,) Netflix wouldn't be worth the deal. Which is why I check Redbox first.
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