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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

Tom Servo wrote: View Post
So a bit off topic...but to anyone who saw it already, was there a Trek XI trailer attached to it?
I didn't get a Star Trek trailer.

Lonemagpie wrote: View Post
It's just the right length.
Yeah, it was. After hearing about the run-time, I was practically expecting some 80-minute popcorn flick, but this thing certainly felt like a substantial Bond movie.

jongredic wrote: View Post
I miss the Bond that enjoys a cigarette and a drink, between casually dispatching enemies...
Seeing him have a drink at the beginning while on the job seemed unprofessional. It didn't work for me.

archeryguy1701 wrote: View Post
I would have liked to see them do more with Bond going Rogue, but they did well enough with what they did.
I think he goes rogue too much, so I just kind of rolled my eyes at it this time.

JKTim wrote: View Post
Agent Richard07 wrote: View Post
- There was a scene where Bond and Camille climbed out of the sink hole and saw a reservoir of water. They were supposed to be outside, but it sounded like they were on a small enclosed set.
If you're referring to when Bond and Camille climbed out of the cave they fell into after the plane crash, they simply climbed to a higher level within the cave wherein they saw the underground pipeline that had been mentioned many times. Instead of oil, it was water. It was underground, it was still in the cave, and there's every reason for sound to be echoing.
Yikes. I didn't catch that. Thanks for the clarification.
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