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Re: New ST:XI trailer

First impression...

This teaser trailer is kinda cheesy.

But it just may be the right kind of cheesy.

The opening shots of the speeding car on an Iowa dirt road were fine, sparked curiosity, nice action bit when it goes over the cliff. Nice reveal on the future cop - and I myself laughed out loud when the kid stands up and announces "My name is James Tiberius Kirk!"

(I don't think most of the people in the audience with me had any idea that the name meant anything.)

There was a whole lot more Spock in the trailer than Kirk - meaning all it showed was a fairly generic "young rebellious guy searching for himself", whereas the stuff on Spock gets into his dual nature a bit. Got much more of a genuine Spock vibe off of Quinto than a Kirk vibe off of Pine, but, again, all his stuff was very generic.

From that point on it was simply "hey, this is big! It has 'splosions! Here's a gratuitious bra! Here's a shadowy sex scene! Here's more 'splosions!"

I did like Kirk's "Buckle up." I thought Scotty's "I like this ship, it's exciting!" was cheesy (but then most of Scotty's lines have always been cheesy, so that was actually authentic).

And I must admit to giggling giddily at Nero's "The wait is over." and the title card.

*shrug* It might be fun. I will have to continue to reserve judgment until more material gives a deeper indication of story and character.

PS - Quantum of Solace was a giant snore. Guess I'll have to stick to my belief that the only good Bond film ever made is Casino Royale.
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