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Re: Quantum of Solace - Grading & Discussion

Just got back from it and have barely skimmed through some thoughts but here are some of my random thoughts.

-I don't post in the Trek 11 board so I will start that here. I liked the trailer. It seemed to focus too much on rainbow colors and shoot-em-up action and I'm starting to wonder what semblance it has to Star Trek. I'll go in with an open mind of course, but I think I really miss Trek of the golden era (1990s when I was growing up). Perhaps if I see it again, it will be better.

-As for Bond, it was Ok. I think I liked Casino Royale better, but there was some good stuff here. The action scenes were decent, even though the way they were shot was a little distracting, and it seems that they also continue to move bond toward the direction of going rouge. Also, it seemed to forget it was a bond film and was your typical action flick. Then they started playing the bond theme some and it got better.

I think my overall impression though is the same as it was with Casino Royale. I miss Brosnan. I miss the charm, I miss Q, and I miss the timely one liners. I don't think Craig as the charisma that Brosnan or Connory (Or even Dalton) had and I'm starting to wonder if he is a good Bond. Right now, he's probably sitting in the bottom three (I've not seen Lazenby or Moore so that's why it's three).

Overall, I'd give this movie an average. Decent action, ok story, but not very memorable.

It also sucks when 3 minutes before the ending the movie breaks down. At the theater I went to, something happened and we had to wait a few minutes before we got the actual ending. That kind of soured the mood some, given that the ending seemed a little anticlimactic to what the whole movie was about.

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