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Re: New ST:XI trailer

I absolutely loved the trailer. It was very epic, all-around. I loved how you didn't know it was a Star Trek film until little Kirk announces his name. People kind of appreciatingly laughed at that, and I think people (at least in my theater) were swayed by the end of it (approving nods and such).

Regardless of what others thought, I enjoyed the living hell out of it. The movie simply put looks gorgeous. It honestly kind of feels like Star Wars, but I think that's because no Star Trek movie has been given this scope before.

I will say some of the cinematography was interesting (the all-white of the Enterprise bridge, which at first seemed jarring, now kind of gells with Abrams' past work, in my opinion, so I can see where he's going with his aesthetic choices I think). Some of the shots were...some of them were cool, some of them were confusing, let me just say (especially the shot with the Vulcan Council, where the camera angle was sort of slanted on its side...very interesting, but a bit vertigo-inducing at the same time).

Anyway, bring on May 2009!
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