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Re: New ST:XI trailer

Just got back from seeing the trailer. I'm one of those uber geeks who show up just for the trailer and don't stay for the movie. In fact, I'm one of those uber-uber geeks who call seven or eight theaters first to make sure they are showing the trailer after the recent rumors of many not atttaching the Trek trailer to Quantum. (By the way, several did not).

Trailer spoilers here on out:::::::::::::

Friggin' unbelievable!!!! In a good way. Everything about this movie just screams epic. Flashbacks to little kid Kirk, flashbacks to little kid Spock, Amanda and Sarek, Pike doing the voiceover, Sarek doing a portion of the voiceover (I think???). Huge panoramic shots of Vulcan. When James T. Kirk pulls into the frame on his motorcycle, it wasn't Shatner, but it WAS James T. Kirk. Very hard to explain, but I'm blown away. The shot of Enterprise being built on the ground with Kirk looking on - wow. Really brings the shot of him watching it fall out of the sky in Movie 3 come full circle.

And the music! Pulse-poundingly great. And from what I understand that is actually from the movie's score, so even better. {Edit: Apparently it was edited by Giacchino but is not from the score.} I literally had this dopey grin throughout the entire trailer, as the music continued to build and build.

Congratulations all around to the director, producers, writers, actors, and all involved with this film. I think you just made Star Trek cool again.
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